Software development

What is DevSecOps and how should it work?

Content Empowering DevSecOps Culture Why Do We Need DevSecOps? Support services Developers Shift-left and shift-right How do you build a DevSecOps team? How do you build DevSecOps into your operations environment? Too many organizations have paid the price of downplaying or ignoring the need for security. By leveraging DevSecOps, you can take another step to […]
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Review of top ASP NET and .NET open-source platforms

Contents dot net core 3 content management systems What is VPC ? and Let’s Create VPC in AWS. My HNG Internship Experience. best cms for open source mvc projects NorthwindTraders is a sample reference application for domain-driven architecture using Entity Framework and CQRS pattern. For every software engineer, open-source projects are a fantastic supplementary […]
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