Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing

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Ghosal et al. proposed a novel method that employed a recurrent neural network based multimodal attention framework for sentiment prediction. They computed pairwise-attentions on various combinations of three modalities, which were concatenated with individual modalities for final classification. Zadeh et al. proposed a neural architecture called the Memory Fusion Network that relied on the Delta-memory Attention Network . This attention network implemented a coefficient assignment technique on the concatenation of LSTM memories, which assigned high coefficients to the dimensions that jointly formed a cross-modal interaction. Zadeh et al. proposed a multi-attention recurrent network for understanding human communication.

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Thirdparty agents only receive a hash of the state, not the state itself. When it is submitted to blockchain for dispute processing, the agent knows which status to check. The disadvantage of this method is that third-party agents may be irresponsible or bribed by others. When there are multiple ledgers of participating organizations in the same channel, some private data needs to be shared among a small number of specific organizations, and private data scheme can solve this problem. Another way to protect on-chain data privacy is to encrypt data for authorized access. It means that sensitive data is encrypted before being uploaded to the chain, and only authorized users can view it. Classification algorithm, with an accuracy of 80%, explaining that statistical feature analysis is a key source of information in achieving high accuracy. Krawczyk et al. propose an ensemble approach using clustering.

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An illustration of content-aware network anomaly detection of networks. The proposed CAAD method utilizes structural context and node content information. CA verifies the stakeholder and encrypts query results based on Secure Electronic Transaction protocol, which ensures the safety and authenticity of SCM database query. After verifying the user’s identity, the query request will be sent to SCM database to obtain the corresponding trade record. The query result is, then, encrypted by CA and is sent back to client. The medical images are the frontal and lateral views from a patient. The report includes a finding which describes the observations of abnormal/normal phenomena, and an impression/conclusion sentence indicating the most important medical observation. 3.3 Detection Model Based on Information Entropy Image The attackers of malware often use different obfuscation techniques to hide the real purpose of malware, so as to avoid various detection tools and means.

Another text stimuli study, performed at Tianjin University, was able to achieve over 99% accuracy in their classification of EEG data with the use of a Convolutional Neural Network . Although they go on to stress that the model lacks the ability to train data over time and that more research is required to test a CNN’s ability to handle new EEG data to authenticate past users. Koike-Akino et al. completed a study that made use of Zener Cards as a form of digital image stimulus. 25 volunteers were tasked with selecting one of five cards on the screen and counting the number of times their card appeared. This data set in conjunction with Principal Component Analysis as feature extraction and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis as classifier reached 96.7% accuracy . A smaller study of only four subjects attempted to “investigate the efficacy of self-related visual stimuli” by showing subjects pictures of different faces. With a classifier based on Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient they were able to finish this study with an average accuracy of 87.5%.

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In our framework, blockchain network acts as a bridge to connect various isolated medical databases where hospitals and medical institutes participate the network as nodes. Smart contracts brings the integration of scattered clinical data through contract creations and executions. Critical metadata such as data ownership, access permissions, broadcast encryption messages, privacy classification policies, and Ethereum addresses of involved entities, are stored in relevant contracts. In Ethereum, a contracts is compiled to byte code and the resulting bytes are included in a transaction to be persisted onto the blockchain storage.

The corresponding nodes are the abnormal ones. The information entropy images of malicious code and benign code will be used as input of the convolutional neural network, and the two images can be classified by CNN, so as to achieve the purpose of malware detection. The structure of CNN used for information entropy image classification is the same as that used for binary machine code image classification, which will not be repeated in this paper. 5.2 Time Cost This section compares the time cost required for AES algorithm to complete a round under different design methods, as shown in Fig. Read more about order book explained here. It can be seen that AES algorithm based on memristor switch XOR logic has obvious advantages in time cost. In terms of the time cost of MixColumns, AddRoundKey, and KeyExpansion, XOR logic based on memristor switch design method is 21.4%, 15.4%, and 15.4% of Implication Logic design method respectively. Compared with MAGIC, the performance of MixColumns, AddRoundKey, and KeyExpansion are respectively increased by 50.0%, 40.0%, and 40.0%. 5.3 Energy Consumption This section compares the energy consumption required by AES algorithm versus that of different design methods, as shown in Fig. 13, AES algorithm based on memristor switch XOR logic has obvious advantages in energy consumption. Section 5 points out the future directions of the blockchain consensus mechanisms for IoT networks.

In the past three years, the OFAC has successively blacklisted 25 Bitcoin and Litecoin addresses. At the request of U.S. law enforcement agency, CENTRE, the issuer of the USD Coin, has also blacklisted multiple Ethereum addresses and frozen account assets. Libra adopts an “incomplete decentralized” collective decision-making model and uses permissioned blockchain with a trusted third party. Each single transaction needs to be admitted and approved by Libra association .

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During the decryption process, the encryption module receives RoundKey from the KeyExpansion module and the external ciphertext for decryption operation, and finally outputs plaintext. Encryption module consists of four sub-parts, namely SubBytes, ShiftRows, MixColumns and AddRoundKey. The main function of the KeyExpansion module is to complete the output of RoundKey and send it to the buffer module. A Poisson Point Process is used to model the arrival of transactions with λ as the rate of incoming transactions.

Full text of “Ontario regulations, 1988”

For those blocks with the same layer, the order relies on the layer of each block’s parent block. The hierarchical structure of sorting is the key in our approach to solving global sorting issue in DAG. The input of BDS algorithm include the set LogicalBlock deriving from the same layer generated within a block time and a global sorting sequence of BlockDAG blocks . The output is the sorting result of the set LogicalBlock. In centralized verification scheme, both data corruption and tag corruption can lead to verification failure. However, the data tags stored on Blockchain in our decentralized scheme is tamper-proof. When verification fails, we can know that the cloud data must be corrupted. By let Cloud Server and Blockchain encrypt the proofs with bilinear map, we move the verification computation from Client to Cloud Server and Blockchain. Moreover, Client can still check the proof without decryption. Since the public key and tags are unknown to Cloud Server, it can also help Client to keep anonymous from Cloud Server.

We tried to find the correlation and compared the EEG dataset with the meta dataset. The metadata set mainly records the health status of the subjects on the day of data collection, including caffeine, sleep, alertness, and other relative information. Through analysis, we found that most of the participants have relatively high-level self-alertness and low caffeine intake. The difference between EEG and traditional biometrics is the participation of human cognition. Whether different musical stimuli or different emotions will affect the classification results is an interesting question. Although the achieved results in this paper look promising, many issues need to be addressed in future work. As mentioned in the previous section, the research was designed as an experiment for up to 4 months and planned to analyze the data once a week. Even though we arranged the research as much as possible, only nine consecutive effective data collection sessions were performed. In future research, extending the collection cycle and expanding the number of subjects is our first major work. During the experiment, we find that WGAN-GP can save the distribution of training data better than other common GAN models.

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